ABOUT US - Creful Company Limited
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We will make your vision a reality and create spaces that inspire ideas.

For more than 25 years, CRE-FUL has forged strategic partnerships with both international and local companies. We provide a full range of services that answer all our clients’ needs. Our company provides consulting, management, construction, manufacturing and strategic planning services. CRE-FUL’s strategic partners are international industry leaders with many years’ experience. We leverage all our partnerships to further our mission and scale innovation for our clients.

CRE-FUL has policies that promote energy conservation and eradication of harmful to the environment materials. We strive to improve our efficiency throughout our supply chain. From the sourcing of materials to the project completion. CRE-FUL has processes in place that aim to reduce waste and improve health
and safety at work. Furthermore, we only use sustainable, environmentally friendly materials.

Waste Management System
At CRE-FUL we separate garbage and other waste into categories so that it can be recycled and reused. We train and educate our staff and aim to improve our recycling efforts daily. Waste that cannot be reused is placed in special containers and properly disposed of.

Production planning
For any project, we commit to keeping waste as low as possible. We try to achieve net zero energy, water, and carbon goals throughout the supply chain.

Use sustainable materials.
CRE-FUL’s focus in selecting quality materials and environmentally friendly is a priority. We use eco-friendly product

Health and Safety
At CRE-FUL we take Health and Safety at work seriously. We regularly train and educate our staff in safety procedures to prevent hazards that occur during work.
We work with specialists who regularly assess our working environment and practices and continue to improve our operations. Below are a few of the steps we have undertaken to improve Health and Safety:

  • Regular on site staff training
  • Fire Protection Training
  • First aid
  • Personal protective equipment training
  • Personal protective equipment for welding the welding mask.
  • Proper ventilation and removal of harmful air particles.
  • Install Safety Board
  • Dedicated Dining Spot.
  • Wash hand basin.
  • Waste disposal point.
  • Dedicated Areas for Materials.
  • Protective Fire and CO Alarm.
  • First Aid Supplies Cabinet.